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On Lisp: beyond state machines
Dance Movement Therapy and Sensory Integration, by Sarah Cleary
minor URL redesign
Testing first creates friction against creeping featurism


Wave patterns in animal locomotion
MyDoom, NovaRG, Worms and Mac OS X
Lisp blazed the trail, (code generation and dynamic languages)
Mac OS X Preview doesn't display Acrobat Forms
Hacking PDF forms with iText, jython, perl, and emacs


Don't think. Write.
Duncan caught Coyote Gulch at Emerging Tech 2004
Comments now moderated
Political introspection and the G. W. Bush administration


Life, Death, Zen, and the Art of Household Maintenance
Diplomacy of troubleshooting and the telecom alphabet soup: T1, CRC errors, ESF, B8ZS, HDSL, CSU/DSU, clock source


True genius is knowing when to stop
3D change: analyzing 12 years of backup data
Mac OS X security exploit and countermeasure
Yahoo! DomainKeys anti-spam measure
Made in the USA: Iraq invasion, occupation, and war
Citizen Power and the Political Bell Curve
Functions rising
Revolution and Political Engagement


JavaScript form vs. content
OS X's (disappointing) full text search at your fingertips
I now understand why small-town voters vote republican


so-called-Republican leaders are grabbing for more power
Political parties follow population
Finger pointing


bivio manages the risks of software development
State Machines described and a few examples
Perl state machine to scrape HTML


Java 5 is better, but I still prefer perl, python, and lisp
Overconsumption and Terrorism
Learning from failure
Overzealous comment moderation
The debate, the war on terror, and freedom from fear


FSM kitchen sink: workflows, pipelines, asynchrony, SOAs
State Machines and Business Process and Workflow
Exercise your rights. Speak up. And vote.
Welcome Intruder - Robert E. Cleary signing his new book at Tattered Cover tonight


Creating islands of peace in a terrified world
My childhood memory of Star Wars is finally confirmed


Teasing apart Struts Actions
Welcome home, Elliott