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New Year's Resolutions
Plug for OS X
perfect design is an oxymoron
architecture and more architecture
Example of LazyWeb Rapid Application Development
Too much surfing, not enough posting
Restoration of the Republic
Half-baked proposal for grassroots precautions for homeland security
New HTML and CSS tricks


Grokking OO Perl
RSS feeds now validate
Urgent vs Important
Hacking Safari Bookmarks
Full content RSS feeds too


Leave Iraq to the UN, focus on al Qaeda is a great tool for democratic participation
Thinking and linking
A sad day
Happy Spring
Capital punishment and Operation Iraqi Freedom
Development impatience


Welcome to NeXT's best thing, James
Damn web browsers! Damn web applications! Damn XEmacs! spam filter, evolution and breeding
Reservations about this tipping point in Iraq
Server side spam filters
Test driving IDEA
Test-driven code duplication
The Insurance System Sucks
PDA development quick links


Would digital identity for mail servers cut down on spam?


Life, death and aikido
Create Peace
Elusive Weapons of Mass Destruction
Road steering the car


iTunes, AppleStore, independent art
Artists going independent
War and Fear
The Great Browser Upgrade Campaign
Please use a better browser
Network mediated group dynamics
broadband, moving, and comments


Has spam killed chain mail?
Ahh... bandwidth. (thanks Matt and Indra's Net)
LAUNCHcast doesn't work with OS X (aka please fail early)
I might have to marry her again
The Master, The Apprentice, and The Staff (whap) "Ouch!"
You Vile Spammer
How to stop the next mutation of Sobig.F
Is Sobig your handiwork, you disreputable spammer?


Sobig.F and Blaster rekindle the OS wars
Scaffolding and Architecture
Somber Sunshine
bloghopping from 0xDECAFBAD to New Millennium
XPath in the URL
State Machines
State Machines at PlanetCAD


State Machines and Tango
Business lessons I learned from VisionLink after I left
State Machines and Agile Software Development
State Machines and Ace
Intuition and Coincidence
On Lisp
State Machines and bOP
State Machines, JavaServer Faces, bOP, and Rethinking the V in MVC
Exposé and Alt-tab


Pumpkins, Pooh, and Grues
Note to self: Leave the TiBook at home on ski days
Lucia and The Veteran
Go See Love Actually
New job with bivio and giving thanks for blogs


Analog vs Digital Knowledge interrupted by Suicide
Vanishing Point illustrated and applications of animation to the history of perspective
Hiccups and laughter