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bivio manages the risks of software development

I work for bivio and we're looking for projects. This is a shameless plug for our development services. If you're subscribed, maybe you'll just take my word for it when I say "We're really good programmers, you should hire us." If you need more convincing, here the same thing with a few more words. ;-)

Update: contact us via eric at, info at, +1 303.417.0919, or use the comment form on this post.

We build custom applications to solve business problems. What we do best is manage the risks of software development. We've built a lot of software and know the risks well. We can help you assess them for your specific project and we can adapt our disciplined development practices to mitigate those risks.

For some projects, the main risk is a volatile business environment. The business needs will probably change while the project is under development. We ensure the project can roll with the changes with a variety of techniques. We start by getting something working fast and then adapting it with additional features. If you pay us to build your software, we'll make sure you get software you can actually use, even if your business needs change while we're programming. I think every application we've built is still in use.

Maybe you have a very public, high profile, project for your business. It has to be up 24/7. It's going to have customer financial data and absolutely must be secure. The people using the system aren't geeks so it's got to be usable by ordinary people. We have one of those sites too. It's and it's the project that drove development of our application framework, bOP. Thousands of investment clubs trust us to keep track of their portfolios.

We're so confident of our ability to manage development risk we have even taken on that risk ourselves for some projects. We founded Assurance Systems, Inc. as a joint venture with a team of experienced email deliverability experts. The big risk was time-to-market. Coding started in September of 2002 and the service was launched in October 2002. If you face a limited window of opportunity, we can probably get your software into production in a month too.

We tend to build web applications with our own open source (as in LGPL) framework, and we tend to work in perl. None of these things are requirements however. We would be happy to help you work on other kinds of problems in other languages on other platforms if you prefer. We want to solve your business problem, not sell you a technology. We'd like to earn your trust with this business problem so you'll consider us for your next business problem.