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Duncan caught Coyote Gulch at Emerging Tech 2004

My former boss, Coyote Gulch was caught on film [1] at the 2004 Emerging Tech conference.

James posted a picture of the lobby bar and the Ol' Coyote is seated with his powerbook in the lower right corner of the picture.

It's a moment right out of Smart Mobs -- one unsuspecting blogger is captured by the digital camera of another blogger who publishes the evidence. A third blogger connects the dots. Fun.

[1] "caught on film" -- odds are good the camera was digital and not film, but somehow "caught on CCD" doesn't quite ... um ... capture the image. :-)

Coyote Gulch commented

17 March 2004 at 20:03

Eric! You've outed me to the world. Everyone will now know that Coyote.Gulch == COVERT Just my luck, someone you read would reinforce Mrs. Gulch's contention that I'm obsessive about being connected. Sheesh, I can't even check my work e-mail when I'm out of town. :-)

eric commented

18 March 2004 at 19:57

Sorry bout that. Didn't know you were incognito. :-)
I'll make some edits to minimize the damage.

Coyote Gulch commented

19 March 2004 at 07:01

I don't know if I like the looks of DELETED. It puts me in mind of some science fiction future where someone (in a stiff uniform and jack boots) has a finger on a delete key, or even worse, some artificial intelligence get's to decide. :-)

eric commented

19 March 2004 at 14:12

Yeah, that does have a nasty ring to it. How 'bout 'ANONYMOUS'? I think it kinda drives home the point.

Coyote Gulch commented

22 March 2004 at 09:14

Or perhaps "covert."

eric commented

22 March 2004 at 09:27