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Comments are broken

Comments have been broken for months. Please email your comments to Be sure to include the url of the post on which you're commenting. I enjoy when people politely disagree with me, or when they add something I didn't know. I also appreciate being corrected. What I don't appreciate is anything spam-like -- advertise on your own blog, not mine.

Why are my comments broken? A bit before Elliott was born someone launched what looked like a denial-of-service attack on my site via the Movable Type comments exploit. The comments all had links to nonexistent domains -- apparently random strings of characters. I changed the permissions on the comments cgi file and haven't had enough time to repair the damage.

I started to re-implement my comment moderation system so that the comments don't even get into Movable Type's database until I approve them. I have grown tired of deleting comment spam but it hasn't really been high enough volume to justify the extra software development until this DOS attack. Unfortunately for my blog, spending time with Elliott and Sarah is a lot more fun than hacking my new comment moderation system.

Someday I'll get the comments working again and maybe post something about the implementation.