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Thinking and linking

For the last week, amid job-hunting, I've been tinkering with Blosxom, MT, tiki text, textile, and Jon Udell's Docbase kit from Practical Internet Groupware. I'm trying to assemble some simple infrastructure for mostly spontaneous web app creation. I want to get back to my tinkering, but also thought I'd post some links that are fueling my tinkering.

  • Practial Internet Groupware
  • Smart Mobs
  • Safari Rendezvous Browsing
  • We Are Still Unprepared
    As there is no absolute freedom in a democracy of laws, so there will be no absolute security in the age of terrorism. But all of us, citizens and leaders alike, owe it to ourselves, to our families and to our nation to undertake the kinds of precautions required to prevent us from being hostages to terrorism and to enable us to walk freely in our own land.
  • Prepare our cities for war with Iraq
    On September 11, New York Police Department helicopter pilots reported their assessment that the towers were likely to collapse imminently, unaware that the firefighters in the buildings could not hear the transmissions.
  • A shining light in our darkest hour
    As fire and heavy, black smoke were seen spewing from the 110-floor North Tower skyscraper at the World Trade Center (WTC), without instruction or guidance from authorities, vessels from tugboats to ferries in the harbor area that witnessed the incident changed their courses and headed directly for the closest docking areas to the WTC. (Emphasis mine.)