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A sad day

Thanks, Chris, for pointing to Edward W. Lempinen's article See no evil. Lempinen offers compellingly written arguments in favor of the war. I'm grateful for his reframing of the war into less offensive terms, and for suggesting a course of action for the political left:

For those leftists who have supported the war, and for those who have loudly opposed it, now is the time for a shift in strategy. Bush and his inner circle have repeatedly gone on the record describing the war on Iraq as a war of liberation. Even if we do not believe them, we must work relentlessly to hold them accountable. We must insist that the U.S. and its allies implement, as quickly as possible, a constructive post-war plan.
Nevertheless, the beginning of any war is a very sad day. And I remain selfishly concerned that US attention should be directed at al Qaeda and securing the homeland, as I said earlier.