thinair Boulder, Colorado. elevation 5400 feet.

Happy Spring

Cars pinned in by snow banks, trees looking a little ragged, morning sunshine on the snow-covered Flatirons
Classic postcard morning for the first day of Spring here in Boulder. Winter went out with a bang this year.

Rollinsville, Colo., perched at 9,000 feet above sea level in the foothills northwest of Denver, got 7 feet, 31/2 inches.

The east Denver suburb of Aurora recorded 40 inches of snow. Boulder got 22.5 inches.

Unfortunately, I-70 is still closed west of Morrison. Although, with that much snow, it's probably good that I can't ski myself into an avalanche. Occasionally -- it seemed more frequent when I was younger -- Mother Nature reminds Colorado residents to just chill out for a couple days. I think blizzards are more gentile than earthquakes, tornados, floods, or hurricanes, but no less awesome and humbling.