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Other geeks named Eric Dobbs

This would never happen with a phone book.

I received an email today from a guy named Eric Dobbs. It was a little surreal to find email from myself in the inbox. Apparently from Virginia, it seems we share some common interests -- unix, RPGs, hiking, and video games.

He was Googling for another Eric Dobbs in the Richmond area. At the moment, I've got the first five hits at The first is for thinair, second and third from back in the days when I was a MacPerl zealot, and the fourth and fifth are archived threads from The next few are posts on ZDNet by the Richmond Eric Dobbs.

I don't feel like I've been doing enough in the world to justify the first five listings on Google. It's kinda fun, but mostly it makes me suspicious of PageRank.

A curious side effect of the 'Net and blogs. I seriously doubt Eric would have called me if he'd found my name (or should I say his name) in the phone book.