thinair Boulder, Colorado. elevation 5400 feet.

Just doing it

I've been doing some math while Sarah has been writing, and hacking a little test driven python code when she's at her internship. I was inspired by Chris Winters' recent post, Getting good, and decided to just start somewhere on SVG animations. I also plan to play with Being architecture neutral.

I spent a couple days trying to remember and re-learn some linear algebra and matrices. It's been a long time since I've done anything more complicated mathematically than balance my checkbook. The geometry of perspective comes naturally to me. I'm stunned by how much more work I had to expend in order to calculate the point of intersection between two lines algebraically. Google pointed me to a solution, but I wanted to make sure I understood the math myself.

When I did this before, I used the (inters ...) function in AutoLISP. Therefore, my previous code was not much use. It will start to come in handy as I get further along. Now that I've got a function to calculate the intersection between two lines I can get on with the more interesting parts of the problem.