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Brings tears to my Mac-loving eyes

James wants a Mac

I've never until now even considered buying a Mac. Ever. Now it seems lots of other Java & open source hackers out there either have Macs or are drooling over getting one. I'm still genuinely suprised by this transformation.

And as he mentioned in his post, so does Mike. Just more evidence of culture shifts and OS X.

For many years I felt like a sub-standard geek because I preferred Macs to PCs and faced routine static for it. I lived with LinuxPPC for a while, but never felt satisfied by any of the Linux desktops. For the record, I've been wanting to see this OS take off commercially since the first time I saw a big black NeXT cube. In fact, I bought a Mac Cube in spite of it being overpriced when OSX beta became generally available. There was nostalgic value in the allusion to that NeXT cube. Name the company lead by Steve Jobs selling a cube shaped computer running a BSD-based OS with a sexy GUI on top offering a CD-RW drive and no floppy disk. Maybe the most successful skunkworks operation ever.