July 14, 2004

Political parties follow population

This just completely amazes me. I've been focusing so much on Colorado that I somehow missed the national pattern. I've been peeking at www.electoral-vote.com rather often lately. Polls don't tell me much when I hear them on the radio or read them in print. Watching them in a graphic adjusted according to electoral votes has been interesting.

Today they posted a new map of the 2000 election with voting breakdowns by county. Take a look at that map. There's a pretty compelling correllation between population density and political party. Seeing it on a map really hit me.

Until recently, I did not understand why rural Colorado generally votes for republican leaders despite consistent favoritism toward big corporations and the super-rich. My roots run three generations deep into rural Colorado soil, but I've been voting democrat for years now. I'm finally starting to understand the descrepancy. The republican intelligentsia talk a good game about small government but their power-grabbing actions speak louder.

I hope some of you folks who aren't living in cities or suburbs will reconsider your support for the Bush administration. They are not who they pretend to be.

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Eric - Please substantiate your claim of "consistent favortism toward big corporations and the super-rich".

In your reply, please do not forget to include definitions for "big corporations" and "super-rich". Also, please provide a rough head count of the entities that meet your definition.

el chele

Posted by: el chele on July 18, 2004 09:59 PM
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