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Several forces working in Jython's favor -- PyCon 2007 notes

I participated in four days of sprinting on jython at PyCon and at two local sprints here in Boulder leading up to PyCon. There was a lot of interest in jython and I'm overdue in commenting on it. I met a number of people in the Python Software Foundation and jython seems to be one of their main priorities for the next year. I was surprised by the number of people who joined us at the PyCon sprints. I've just learned this week that there are several Google Summer of Code students who will be working on jython. Sun has made a serious committment to supporting dynamic languages on the JVM: they hired the two lead developers of JRuby. One of them, Charles Nutter, was quick to offer support to the jython community. He publically recruited developers to give jython a little love -- which is what inspired these sprints. Discussion of collaboration on the internals of dynamic language development on the JVM has begun. The core jython developers are closing in on a long awaited release of jython 2.2. With energy coming from the PSF, Google Summer of Code, and Sun, jython's future is looking quite optimistic.

A couple other points to mention. CPython developers will not be particularly impressed that the next release is only supporting version 2.2 language features. However, with CPython shifting attention to Python 3000, Jython has a chance to catch up. Also the biggest obstacle in keeping pace with CPython has been the challenge of supporting new-style classes. Lastly, there's a fair amount of interest among some of the newcomers to jython development to leap into 2.5 features. Long story short...

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