thinair Boulder, Colorado. elevation 5400 feet.

Who? The Programmer's Version

I've been getting a lot of email from recruiters lately. The short answer is that I'm really happy where I am. But if you're really interested in my help, let's talk. One of my other hats is Co-Director of Business Development and in addition to hiring me, you could also get the benefit of a really gifted team to back me up on your project. The rest of this post is an annotated collection of links to the most popular code I've posted on this site in case you or your technical people want to use the source to learn more about me and how I solve problems.

This story includes a few short code examples in python, perl, and java. It will also give a flavor for how I communicate in writing about technical subjects.

This is a longer code sample using perl to create a specialized state machine for scraping HTML, kind of a poor man's web services trick. ;-) I was on a State Machine kick for a while and this was the first post with my own code.

Here's a story about a trend I see in the programming industry with a lot of links to other resources and a lot of java open source name dropping.

Here are a couple posts about perspective and vanishing points and an SVG animation. You'll probably need Adobe's SVG plugin() to look at it. The first illustrates some terms used in describing perspective. The provides and animated illustration of a vanishing point. You can look at the source for the animation (third link below) to see my experiment in using closures to create something like a specialized animation scripting language. Very much in the functional style of programming with just a little bit of object stuff in there too.