thinair Boulder, Colorado. elevation 5400 feet.

Caffeine Meandering

Sarah and Elliott are on vacation without me so I have some time to myself. I'm sitting in a coffee shop trying to get a few things into writing that have been on my mind for months. But there's a lot of beautiful people in a Boulder coffee shop and it can be really distracting in the most pleasant way. And then I find myself blogsurfing around various threads of conversation. Theoretically I'm trying to re-discover some links related to the topics, but my mind is just swimming in a web of connections and disconnections some in the blogsphere and some in the conversations at other tables or in line and at the counter.

Really fun experience, but very hard for my fingers to follow my trains of thought whether geeky and technical, philosophical and introspective, or lusty. Can I write about the mostly very fit bodies in all sorts of shapes and sizes that walk in and out? Mannerisms and postures and gaits of every rythm displaying every nuance of confidence and insecurity. Some are cool, some are obviously too cool, some are geeky, some casually sophisticated, some fashionable, but neither New York nor Hollywood fashionable. Some faces are relaxed, some stressed, some desperately in need of caffeine, some worried, some happy. Some of the beautiful people have horrible posture and some of the people who would look horrible in a photograph move in the most beautiful way.

Just soaking it all in, and even getting a little bit written.