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XPath in the URL

I was wondering how long it would be before the dots were connected between URLs and XPaths. I was thinking it would be a ways off yet given the well publicized problems with XHTML . I also expected to see the XPath after the # on the URL. It seemed like the XPath should be treated as inside document.

Today Jon Udell pointed to Kimbro Staken's XPath-searchable blog

I just love this idea of incorporating XPath into RESTian URLs. With Kimbro's approach, you get immediate use of the markup you create -- just the kind of incentive that's needed.

Kimbro's post is currently not responding. Probably slashdotted. It could be fun to watch the blogsphere elaborate on this idea. The immediate payback could be just the thing to drive adoption of clean-markup-and-CSS.

Update: Having now had a chance to browse Kimbro's post, I can't wait to see the code behind his site. I've also been looking at PyBlosxom as a potential replacement for Movable Type. Python, XPath and weblog sounds like a tasty recipe to me.