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I might have to marry her again

A few weeks ago, Sarah and I were talking about our respective days when she suddenly changed the subject. "Oh!" By her facial expression I could tell she was remembering something fun. "What do you think about wikis?" She asked with a mischievous grin, catching me completely by surprise. She was pretty proud of herself for springing something unquestionably geeky that she didn't hear about first from me. She'd heard an article about wikis on All Things Considered. I told her a little about Ward Cunningham and the c2 wiki and connected a few dots to past conversations about Extreme Programming.

Last night, I was telling Sarah about a new requirement I learned about at work. She nodded knowingly and with a gleam said "dontcha just hate scope creep?" I keep telling her that she's got geek potential, but she coyly denies it.

This weekend we're celebrating our first anniversary. It's been a turbulent year. We honeymooned in Nova Scotia. Shortly after our return I was laid off from PlanetCAD. She nearly abandoned but ultimately finished her masters thesis in December, thanks in large part to organizational and motivational help from her friend Emily. We spent a couple weeks in New Zealand in February with her mom, brother and sister-in-law -- thanks Mom! It's hard to believe this is the first I've blogged that. The US invaded Iraq. After seven months of unemployment, I landed a contract with the City and County of Denver in April. Just this month, renewal of that contract has been held up by predictable delays under the city's new administration. We've just moved back into my condo. It is really too small for us but radically less expensive than the place we were renting. Ellie, Sarah's sweet pit bull, has to move because the home owners association forbids dogs. They've kindly granted a two week exception while we make other arrangements. Someday soon we'll be looking for a house with a yard so Ellie can move back.

Happily, through all of these external stresses we've nourished each other and our relationship in all sorts of wonderful ways. How completely blessed I am!