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The Insurance System Sucks

I have been under four different health insurance policies in the last twelve months. Now I'm officially angry. Last week I found out my allergist isn't part of the new plan and they won't pay for my current prescription. Today I found out my dentist isn't part of the new dental plan.

The notion of managed care is swell, until a change in plan changes your physicians. Those changes are determined by the employer and not by the patient.

I want health care that's decoupled from employment. The current system is interfering with my healthcare.

I would prefer to be part of a city-wide policy because my doctors and I are all very likely to remain in the same city. Whereas changes in employers are like the changes in the weather. Colorado small businesses have repeatedly asked for help with the cost of providing health insurance to their employees. I would love to see something which solves both problems.

niap commented

15 March 2004 at 11:08

Insurance companies SUCK BIGTIME!!! My employer changed from UHC to BCBS as of 3/1/04. I have been taking 3 drugs for about 5 years each - celebrex & Imitrex they have already said no they will not pay for those. I have called in refill for climara and am pretty sure they won't pay for it either since it is a "Tier III" drug on their list. Stupid policy costs almost $800.00 per month - just cannot believe this country does not do something about the shoddy medical care that our insurance companies force on us. It is either that or nothing. Are we the only country with this ongoing health insurance problem? I think so! Venting helps!