thinair Boulder, Colorado. elevation 5400 feet.

An act of kindness-to-self

Here are some resolutions I accomplished this year. I can't remember if they were New Year's Resolutions or just little "r" resolutions, but they are accomplishments.

  • Married Sarah.

  • Skied enough to make season pass a very good bargain.

  • Nailed all three release dates at work.

  • Learned, advocated, and taught several XP's practices. Planning Game, Short Releases, Metaphor, Simple Design, Collective Ownership, Continuous Integration, and Coding Standards all helped us meet the deadlines. It's also a measure of my success in leading the team to experiment with those practices. Our QA Manager and I were consistently Testing, I was unit testing, he was acceptance testing. I tried Refactoring. But I couldn't persuade the rest of the team to adopt those practices nor Pair Programming. We practiced a 45-hour or 50-hour Week. We continually suffered from too little communication with our over-stretched Product Manager, the closest we could get to an On-site Customer.

  • Rode the bus to work most weeks. That was my little contribution to several causes: reducing Denver's Brown Cloud, reducing the US reliance on petroleum, reducing my own consumption.

  • Decided to sell my car to contribute more.

  • Actually sold it. :-)

  • Made a habit of buying mostly organic food.

  • Stopped eating most meals at restaurants.

  • Shopped at the farmer's market.

  • Spent more of my money at locally owned businesses.

  • Reused more, recycled more, and threw away less. Bought products in larger volumes or in bulk to reduce the amount of packaging I bought in the first place.