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Aggrigation and Bloghopping

I've been bloghopping all day. I keep stepping away from the keyboard, shaking my head about the time I've poured away. Each time I asked myself, "Self, what were you supposed to be doing again?" The original goal was to try to identify some blogs to aggrigate. Early this morning I managed to get the Movable Type plugin working with Blagg. That turned out to be a simple adjustment to mt.cfg.

Cool beans, I can now aggrigate blogs. But I immediately noticed that the aggrigated entries all had today's date, undermining some of the cool navigational instrumentation offered by Movable Type. So I dug into the code for Blagg and Movable Type to see if I could pull the dates from the RSS feeds and use those in the MT entries. I ran directly into the RSS morass. Now I understand what all the fuss is about.

"Self, what do we do now?"


Rather than joing the RSS battle, I decided that a little patience and judicious use of cron would let me enjoy Movable Type's instrumentation in my aggrigator. If I aggrigate the feeds daily, they'll be sufficiently in sync for my purposes. Only this first pull will be hosed.

That's what I did this morning. Then I decided to figure out which blogs I want to aggrigate. That's where the Energizer Rabbit started bloghopping. And kept going and going and...